Welcome to Bird Park!

This is bird park, where you can learn about birds and all amazing new facts you haven't heard before!

Here at bird park we teach you the right way to handle owning a bird and will help you and be right there, by your side helping you to train and gain trust with your bird! we would love to hear the progress you make and help you every bit of the way.


We also help to train you! The owners of the birds, thats right! I said you! We feel that the owners are not understanding the bird body language, and the feelings that it has for its owner. when you read about us and learn that birds will know how you feel by the way you act around them, and we will help you to approach your bird in a different way that will change a large percentage of the mood its been giving you!

We will do all that we can to help you and your struggles with your birds! We have no products... but we do have very knowledgable information!  If you read what we are writing.. I guarentee.. you will grow a vast relationship with your bird!


Bird Park is a place made specifically for you, to go and escape the normal world of boredom, and explore the natural forests of the Bird Park Jungle! When you explore the natural wonders of Bird Park, you will want to keep coming back for more!


We give love at Bird Park, and we have lots of birds here as well! Starting small though, working our way up. :) Here at Bird Park, we answer all calls... if you have any questions, conserns, or simply,.. want to say hi and tell us about your birds, we will always have an open ear! we take in the stories and remember them! Please, Give us a chirp! Email us at [email protected]  We wouldn't give you our Email if we weren't there to answer them. :)

Most websites will leave you there... you will be the only one there... and you are stranded.. contacting and asking for help or maybe you just want to say hi, and no one answers for days on end... even weeks... well... you can forget about that website because this one is brand new and will always be active and always provide fresh information everyday!

If you need help...


                               ...We will be there!  


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